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Employee Engagement Equals Success


People who are engaged are more successful, and success helps people engage in their work.

To be engaged, you need to identify with the mission and purpose of your company. You’re great at some things and won’t ever be very good at others. If
you have the materials and equipment you need to do your job right, you’ll care more about the fate of your organization. You are naturally inclined toward
success at some things, and by adding skills, knowledge, and practice, you’ll be much better at them.

To some people, this message seems all too obvious should go without saying.  But you might be surprised at how many people don’t know these things or
haven’t given them much thought.

That’s a shame, and it’s all too common. If everyone knew and understood these secrets — which are more properly called elements of employee engagement
and strengths — they’d be much more successful at everything they do.

3 thoughts on “Employee Engagement Equals Success

  1. As a training professional I agree 100%.I would also add that employee development and training should be reflective and applicable to the mission and firms expectations of the employee and their contribution.

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